Company Profile

Our experience talks

Ace Carbon Products was founded by Suman Shah.

We have over four decades of manufacturing, marketing and sales experience in the carbon and graphite industry. The company is based in Mumbai, India with branch offices in India and U.S.A.

Our manufacturing facility includes some of the most advanced and accurate machines available today. In our R&D department we have indigenously developed customized solutions for our customers in Textile & Chemical industry. With our total quality and prompt service approach, we have established ourselves as one of the trusted provider for carbon & graphite products. We have customer from Electric Motor Manufacturers, Textile Industries, Power Generations, Cement Mills, Paper Mills, Chemical and Fertilizers and almost all industries where carbon and graphite based products have application.

With our experience and expertise we are committed to provide ultimate quality in all our products and services. In addition to our extensive range of standard products for each industry, we can develop any customized products to cater to the needs of our customers.